Rear Spars – Complete

Total Hours: 464.7
Rear Spars: 25.7
The rear spars went without too much trouble.  There was one doubler plate I match-drilled to the spar upside down and had to order a new plate ($2.30 + $3.50 shipping).  I also had to buy a new quick-connect coupler/fitting for the air hose.  I noticed the one I had was was leaking.  When I put the new one on, it took a riveting session or two to realize that the pressure settings I had been using for a long time were too high.  I guess the old coupler must have been leaking or was constricting the air-flow somehow.  Finding that the pressure is too high can be irritating since it means the rivet gun was bouncing around and destroyed several rivets before I realized I needed to reduce the pressure.  There were a few rivets I had to drill out aside from the ones when the pressure was too high, but not anywhere near as many as when I did the main spars.
I also made some decisions on landing/taxi lights and an EFIS (electronic flight information system) and auto pilot, etc.  Many decisions are best to make now while the wings are opened up so that things can be mounted easily.  I’ll save for another time a description of all the options I’ve chosen so far.