Flaps Complete

Total Hours: 882.2
Hours on Flaps since last time: 20.1
Total hours on flaps: 42.4

Got the flaps finished. Nothing exciting or interesting to note.



Total time: 813.3 hours
Since last time: 22.3 hours
Flaps 22.3 hours so far.

All the prep is done for the most part. But I ran out of primer with only a few pieces left to do. So I moved on temporarily to wiring. … Had one issue where I damaged a hole in the left top skin. It’s a hole that is sandwiched between the spar and the leading edge skin so I’m not worried about looks. And to repair I essentially notched out the hole and put two new holes on either side which will rivet the main flap skin to the spar. Then the top skin will cover this area as normal and rivet through the original hole like nothing ever happened. … I may put a piece of aluminum in as a spacer where the damaged hole was notched. May not be necessary. I’ll decide when it’s time to assemble the flaps. … And that will be after the primer arrives.