Aileron actuation complete

Total hours: 883.3
Time on actuation since last time: 1.0 hours
Time on aileron actuation: 34.7 hours

Now that the flaps are done, we temporarily installed them and used them to adjust the aileron-to-bellcrank push-rods in order to neutralize the position of the ailerons. With this done we could also set the center state of the autopilot roll servo.


Total time: 769.3 hours
Since last time:  33.8 hours
Ailerons: 33.8 hours

Ailerons complete.

While waiting for some supplies I decided to jump back and actually work on the ailerons. Now that the fuse kit has been ordered we need to work fast and get this wing kit finished. So now the ailerons are done and the work will continue to finish the aileron actuation. I’ll then be able to route the tubing and wires and know it won’t interfere with the ailerons.

We also had an outing to the airport to help Ralph Hoover (Tech. counselor) do an annual on his RV-7a. I asked the kids who wanted to go. They all did. Then I said we’d be there for a very long time and they weren’t allowed to complain. They all changed their minds. Then I added that we’d be going out for lunch and I got two takers.

I also had a short inspection. Before going to the airport to help Ralph with his annual, he dropped by the house to see the work. The only comment he made was about using wire ties to hold the “black box” to the ballast in the Duckworks landing/taxi light installation. I showed him the Duckworks instructions which I followed exactly but he still had some questions and doesn’t like wire-ties. I called Duckworks and based on the weight of what’s being held they convinced me the wire-ties were adequate. So my plan is to add these wire-ties as an inspection item and keep my eye on them as the airplane begins flying and then at annual inspections, of course.

I’m really pleased with the trailing edges. Unlike how I did the elevators and rudder, I inserted the rivets all from the top and did the same back-rivet set followed by flat-set technique I did back then with the rudder and elevators. The shop heads fill the space so well they almost look like manufactured heads. And the edge is very straight.

And the one annoying / funny thing I did was accidentally drop my bucking bar into the guts of the right aileron. Took a few minutes to figure out how, but I got it out. Just annoying.