Landing Gear

Total: 1990.8 hours
Landing gear: 30.4 hours

Got the landing gear on and the airplane is finally standing on its own three feet!

We lifted the airplane onto some tables and went to town installing the gear and wheels.

Only major issue was drilling the final hole for the landing gear mounts. It’s really tight quarters and to make it worse I had installed a seat bracket long ago while I still had access. This made it absolutely impossible to drill this hole with a standard drill. I was very reluctant to remove the seat bracket because of the very awkward placement of the bolts. In the end I was able to do it with an impact driver which has a very narrow nose and a drill chuck attached to that. It worked perfectly and made me consider always using the impact driver to drill through steel. I never had an easier time or a cleaner hole through steel than these using the impact driver.

Used matco brakes and wheels over the stock setup. There have been reports that the stock brakes are a little small for the airplane and fade quickly. The matco option from reports eliminates these issues.

Also took the opportunity to clean and reorg the garage while the airplane was wheeled outside. It’s now very easy to move the airplane.