Forward top fuse install

Total: 1665.8 hours
Top Fuse Skin: 36.3 hours
Top fuse install: 15.7

Top fuse install happened without any significant problems. The top fuse was installed way back in section 31 and stored (see here) then once the panel decisions were made and the sub-panel reinforced for the GTN650 (see here) and the cutouts made for the defrost fans I could do the install. To do the fan cutouts I drilled the attach holes of the fan first, found the center, drilled a pilot hole in the center, clamped a wood block under and used a 3 inch hole drill and went slow, No problem.


Top Fuse Skin (section 31)

Total: 1278.1 hours
Top fuse skin: 20.6 hours

Top fuse skins complete. Pretty straightforward stuff. A few tough rivets but nothing to get excited about. The top skin is now stored and will be installed later.

Included for fun are some pics we took when we rented a Cessna 172 and went flying recently.

Progress has become very, very slow. So many things needing attention around the house and with work. And now another delay to deal with. The next step is attaching the tailcone. But things are getting cramped in the garage with so much other stuff needing to be in there. So we’re going to build a shed now before doing any more work on the airplane. Stay tuned.