Pedals part #2

Total: 1595.6 hours
Pedals part #2: 2.2 hours
Pedals and brakes: 24.8 hours

After sitting in front of the panel-mockup as work progresses on the forward fuse top, I decided to move the rudder pedals to the aft position. This will be more comfortable for me and also for my wife when she learns to fly. I’m 5’11” on a good day and she’s a few inches shorter than I am.

No pics.

Rudder Pedals and Brakes

Total: 1551.7 hours
Rudder pedals: 22.6

Rudder pedals in place. There are 2 possible positions for them and I decided on the forward position. The got the brake hoses from TS. Flightline. One hose was too long and I sent it back to be shortened. Apart from that minor hiccup, all went smoothly.

One tip is to remember to put a washer between the plastic guides that get cut in half. If you don’t they will be too tight as a result of the material removed during the cutting process. I put in a 960-10L washer and that did the trick.

Update: Moved pedals to aft position. see here.