Access panels and floors

Total: 1439.1 hours
panels & floors: 30.5 hours

Got the access panels and rear floors installed. This should have taken about half the time. First I had issues with the rear floors, ultimately cracking both of them trying to get them installed. I re-ordered both floors and removed material from the notches in the front to allow an easier fit. These blunders were time consuming in and of themselves, but then while riveting the right side floor we dropped a rivet through one of the holes. After many fruitless hours of both blowing air and sucking with a shop vac and a small tube through the small holes on either end of the floor section, I was left with no choice and had to cut a small access hole in the floor, then a corresponding doubler and panel to fix the hole. It’s not the prettiest panel in the world, but in the end it will be entirely hidden by the panel covering┬áthe flap tube mechanism. This whole process was very time consuming but we did get that little rivet out of there. Last thing we need is for some loose rivet working its way into jamming some critical control during flight. All rivets must go. We have a strict no-tolerance policy for loose rivets.