Panel/Wiring #1

Total: 2055.8
Schematics and planning: 13.7
Wiring: 46.8

Broke the 2000 hour mark. Should be flying soon (relatively speaking).

While we wait on the engine, it seemed like a good time to get started on the panel. I got the VPX programmed and wrote up some schematics which are mostly finalized. Almost all the panel switches are wired into the VPX. An assortment of power related items are now done or nearly done. Too many little things to mention.any one.

I set myself up a workshop inside the house with an old computer power supply and went to town. I’ll be buying avionics a little here and a little there, holding off on the bigger-ticket items until the end. But I did get the connector kits for the audio panel, the GTN650, and the Dynon screens, so hopefully when I do buy those items it’ll be plug-n-play. That’s the plan.


More panel (mechanical)

Total: 1687.7 hours
Panel: 41.7 hours
This panel update: 5.7 hours

Updated the brackets holding the panel to the side skins. The ones there were fine but these are nicer and better. Also moved nutplates from the subpanel to the rails which will hold the VPX. This will make for an easier install.


Panel (mechanical)

Total: 1631.6 hours
Panel (mechanical): 36 hours

Instrument panel is now designed. I used SteinAir to design and cut the panel. The hard part here was making final decisions on the equipment.

I bought the trays for the GTN-650 IFR Navigator and the PMA-450 Audio panel. This allowed me to install the mounts for these slide-in boxes now. I also bought the Vertical Power VPX-Pro electronic circuit breakers. I knew the mounting of this would be unusual so I got it now so I could easily figure out how to mount it.