Control system interference

Total: 1650.1 hours
Control System: 26.7 hours
Control system interference: 0.3 hours

While fitting the cabin top I noticed there was interference in the control system from nuts holding it together. The fix was obvious (just reverse the bolts) and I suspect when it’s all put together the elevator stops would have prevented the situation. However given such an easy fix, I just reversed the bolts.

The plans show the bolts inserted from the rear. In this configuration if you roll full left and then pull back all the way on the stick these nuts will interfere with the control column.


Control System

Total: 1578.1 hours
Control System: 26.4 hours

Control system went easy. No issues with the control system itself. And this includes the Dynon A/P servo. However, I did have a minor issue with the control system interfering with a fuel hose. This was easily fixed by loosening the B-Nuts on the flexible fuel hose and reorienting it so that the forward control column cleared the hose on one side. No problem.

see update post here: Control System Interference