Baggage door part #3

Total: 1408.6 hours
part #3: 7.8 hours
Baggage doors: 29.3

Taking the baggage door off would give easier access while the rest of the build progresses. But I realized removing the hinge pin would be impossible to do without damaging the paint (once the plane is painted) so once again I decided to deal with the door. Cutting the hinge pin in half and bending 90 degrees along with slicing the center hinge eyes would allow the pin(s) to be inserted and removed from the middle. … And I had a problem requiring me to remove the entire hinge from the door. That meant I had to drill out the back door closeout cover and redo most of the door – including fitting the door to the opening. Finally, though, it’s done (again) and now the door can be removed and re-installed very easily.

All baggage door pics.


Baggage door part #2

Total: 1400.8 hours
Baggage Door part 2: 8.1 hours
Baggage Door total: 21.5 hours

Well. The baggage door was fine as it was but as I looked at it over the next few days I realized the hinge was not uniform along the skin of the airplane. I tried to ignore it. It wasn’t really that much off. Only a little at the bottom. But in the end I couldn’t let it go. So I drilled out the hinge and the hinge support and the close out panel, ordered some new parts and redid it. There was no point taking any new pictures since you can;t see any difference from before I fixed it to now. But in person it looks much better. If I was 90% happy before, I’m 95% happy with it now. Only reason it’s not 100% is because I slightly damaged two holes where the closeout panel rivets to the structure opposite the hinge. The tail end of the rivets look offset. I drilled the both out and cleaned up the hole best I could, put them back and they look about the same. Because it’s just a closeout panel, I’m going to let this one go. It isn’t perfect but it also isn’t structural. Time to move on now.


Baggage Door

Total 1390.2 hours
Baggage door: 13.4 hours

No real problems. And I’m actually pretty pleased with how the door turned out. There were some tight rivets, but with a slight modification to a bucking bar it all worked out. I plan on installing the Aerosport baggage door panel with strut. At that point I’ll stick on some weather-stripping (which is instructed in the plans). The only other thing of note was that the plans say to countersink the hinge but I decided to dimple it along with the underlying structure. The metal is thin enough so I’m not sure why the plans say to countersink. In any case dimpling worked out fine and it looks great, too.

See Baggage door part #3 for pictures.