First Flight

Successful first flight.

Took off from CJR on Sunday 8/13/2017. Flew around for 20 minutes and landed without incident. …. Only issues were high CHTs because I left full power in too long (excitement got the better of me) and my flap breaker on the VPX tripped. I elected to continue what an observer later called a “picture perfect flaps-up landing” and debug on the ground.

Thanks to John Trollinger who gave Zach and me a “dress rehearsal” flight immediately prior in his RV-10, Dick Koehler for inspecting my airplane and doing the SB-632 work on my engine, Todd Stovall for answering many questions over the years. And a very special thanks to Ralph Hoover who helped me with just about every part of the build from inspecting my empenage work to first flight advice.

Most of all I thank my wife and kids. This was a family project for us as the pictures recorded on this build log show. Lastly, I’m grateful to the Living Lord Jesus Christ who calmed my nerves and showed great mercy in bringing this sorely unqualified pilot back on the ground safely. May He see fit to do it many, many more times.

Also thank you to Dennis and Andrew Crider for their support on the day of the event and for the great pictures they took, which are shown below.