Finish Kit Arrival

Total hours: 1504.3 hours
Finish kit inventory: 2.5

The finish kit arrived a few weeks ago. Forgot to take pictures. Several changes to the stock kit.

  • Intersection Farings from RVbits
  • Brakes and wheels from Matco
  • Berringer front wheel.
  • Plane around mods for wheel brackets and door latches

Fuse kit arrival and inventory

Total: 959.3 hours
Fuse kit: 13.2 hours

The fuse kit is here! The wings are now stored in the new “airplane room.” That’s right, the old storage area is too small so we moved everything airplane related into a new room in the house.

The truck arrived and we got the 545 lb. crate unloaded, opened, inventoried, and put away. We’ve also put in a lot of time re-organizing the hardware and storage in the garage. The next step in the immediate future will be to build a shed to store all the stuff we have in the garage that isn’t part of the airplane. This will free up the space we’ll need for the fuselage to be built.

RV10 fuse in crate
RV10 fuse in crate